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Why you should add a serum to your daily skin care routine

Are you still just moisturising your face without applying a care product underneath and you’re over 30? Here’s why this is not a good idea.

From the day we are born, our caregivers lather us with lotion, Vaseline or baby cream after every bath. Feeding our skins with moisture and providing a protective barrier for the skin to lock in this moisture makes sense, right? But did you know that a moisturiser typically has molecules that are too large to penetrate the skin at all?

So many moisturisers just sit on the outer-most layer of your skin because let’s face it, you are not exfoliating as often as you should so it’s almost impossible for anything to penetrate the skin at all. A serum has much smaller molecules and more active ingredients than a typical moisturiser. This simply means that a serum can penetrate your skin deeper with the active ingredients working their magic in the more receptive layers of skin underneath, stimulating the skin and encouraging faster cell renewal.

You get all types of serums depending on skin concerns: fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, dark spot correcting, plumping, dull skin, etc. Apply a serum while your skin is slightly damp straight after cleansing and toning (the skin absorbs better while damp). Massage gently but well into the skin using any left over product on the back of your hands. Immediately follow with a moisturiser.

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