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What Is Beauty To You? Sive Stofile, 34

When I was younger, beauty used to be more about looking “perfect” – clear skin, being a certain weight, keeping up with fashion trends etc. It was based on what the cool kids at school looked like and what I saw in the typical teenage magazines and as a result I started using beauty products from a very young age (primary school). As I have grown older, I have embraced that I do not and will not necessarily look like my peers but would rather focus on looking and feeling healthy which I think translates into beauty.

My skin care routine is not something I think about on a daily basis but I have learnt to pay attention to what irritates my skin and try to keep hydrated and moisturised to minimise breakouts. I try to use minimal products but focus more on feeding my skin from the inside. I obviously still feel like I have some imperfections but I don’t see these as making me any less beautiful but rather a part of who I am.