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TMP Review: QMS Urban Repair Facial

I love a good facial. Some people love doing their nails, others are hair people while some will always choose a body massage. No, I’m definitely a facial girl. The longer the better. I always walk out feeling like I’ve had a full body massage without having to take off all my clothes – the bonus being amazing, glowing skin a couple of days later.

Recently I was fortunate enough to try out QMS’s latest facial, The Urban Repair facial. As the name suggests, it’s targeted at those of us living urban lives – meaning our environment is filled with pollution, stress, artificial light and on-the-run diet…just things that will sooner or later have lasting damage on our skin. In my case, this lasting damage has manifested in dehydrated skin and occasional breakouts around the chin and cheek areas. It’s an absolute drag as I take great pride in treating my skin well. I’m great at cleansing (I’m an avid double cleanser) and I use an antioxidant even morning under my moisturizer. So why on earth was I still breaking out in zits at the age of almost 38?

According to Dr. Erich Schulte, founder of QMS Medicosmetics, “The impact of increasing levels of pollution is evident in the decrease of the health of our skin  and this is on a global scale. The microscopic pollutant particles that can be found in the air (particularly in urbanised environments like big cities) are particularly damaging as they don’t just affect the surface of the skin but they also penetrate into deeper laters where more long lasting cellular harm is done.”

I didn’t need much convincing to try the new 50 minute Urban Repair facial treatment. Using their EpiGen Daily-Detox Serum, the facial started with a good cleanse, an exfoliant and a mask before applying the serum. The serum helps the skin to rid its cells from pollutants created by internal and external influences by speeding up the skin’s regenerative process.

The best thing about any QMS facial is how plumped up the skin feels afterwards. Maximum results with this particular one were felt about 3 days later, that’s when I noticed the glow and how soft and well cleansed (unclogged) my skin felt. Two weeks in and I’m still enjoying the benefits. It truly feels like I’ve hit the refresh button on my skin and we’re on super good terms again.

Book your QMS facial at your favorite spa that stocks the brand. We recommend Fairlawns Spa or The Saxon Spa if you’re in Jhb. Otherwise visit their Facebook page for stockists near you.

You can also purchase the EpiGen Daily – Detox Serum for R3 050 30ml.