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CHANEL is one of those brands that make everyone perk up just a little bit at its mention. When it comes to their perfumes, I will be the first to admit that there hasn’t really been one that called out my name. Let me be clear, many of their fragrances are certainly beautiful and, of course, iconic and over the years I have gifted many people with a bottle of CHANEL perfume because I love the brand so much and even if I couldn’t personally relate to the scent, I always knew someone who will.

The latest fragrance, however, is very different. GABRIELLE CHANEL is my kind of perfume. “Gabrielle” is the name that appears on Chanel’s birth certificate (her friends called her Coco) and something about this scent communicates that purity, realness and intimacy. There’s also something more grown up and formal about it. It is not a sweet floral like COCO MADEMOISELLE, it takes itself more seriously than CHANCE but is certainly less stuffy than CHANEL no 5.

GABRIELLE CHANEL is cased in a lightweight, thin walled glass bottle while maintaining the square shape that evokes the singular lines of the iconic CHANEL fragrances. Created by Olivier Polge, this perfume has followed the tradition of flowers being the main notes in CHANEL’s fragrances with Olivier increasing the intensity in jasmine and ylang-ylang, orange blossom and a touch of tuberose as a start. He accentuated the creaminess of tuberose with milky sandalwood, he boosted the freshness of orange blossom with mandarin peel, a zest of grapefruit and a hint of blackcurrant. The result is an imaginary white flower, drawing upon all of the floral varieties ever recorded in the history of CHANEL. Genius.

If Coco is the creator then Gabrielle is the inventor.


“Luxury is what you don’t see” Gabrielle Chanel