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Things I learned from the Eucerin Pure Skin Camp in Leogang, Austria

Last week I spent five days in the most beautiful village in Austria. Leogang has just over 3 000 people who live there permanently and operates as a skiing destination in winter while there’s plenty of mountain biking in summer. I was invited by Eucerin to attend a Pure Skin Camp they were hosting as a way of educating us more about acne and new products in their acne targeting range, DermoPurifyer.

The trip felt very spiritual to me because for weeks I’d been praying for a retreat somewhere silent, completely foreign, alone, surrounded by nature, with great food and plenty of relaxation. I’ve been feeling maxed out and in need of some alone time. My prayers were answered when the call from Eucerin came. The bonus was that I got to learn and ask whatever questions I may have had on the subject of acne to the experts on camp (dermatologist, dietician, psychologists).

A lot of what I’ve long believed to be true was affirmed by the experts. I have been struggling with breakouts and post inflammatory spots dotted all over my face for about a year and a half now. Going through quite a bit of grief the past two years and raising small children while trying to run a business is quite clearly taking a toll on me… and it’s showing on my skin.

Here are 4 messages that came through strongly from the workshops I attended:

Psychology Workshop: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Standards of beauty differ depending on many factors including culture, ethnicity, politics, religion, etc. It’s pointless trying to make yourself look like someone else. Most people recognize real beauty beyond the physical. When you are radiating joy and feeling good, your beauty will come through no matter what you look like. It’s true. Think of all the good looking people you can’t quite recognize as beautiful because they are mean or unlikable.

Dietician Workshop: Eat real food

It’s not always convenient for us to eat what we know we should eat. Junk food is quicker and perfectly suits our always-on-the-go lifestyles. The problem is that this food is packed with ingredients we neither understand nor need, which can have long-lasting negative effects on our bodies and overall health. When you eat clean, i.e. food whose origin you are sure of, you are more likely to be a conscious eater and appreciate every bite, rather than unconsciously whiff down junk while watching tv. When you eat consciously, it’s easy to know when your body has had enough. So stay present while you enjoy a meal. And eat more of the stuff that comes out of the ground than the stuff that comes out of cans or plastic.

Exercise Workshop: Your body is built to move

-Our bodies are not built to sit for long hours at a time, we are supposed to keep moving – gently, slowly and frequently. Whether you like a stroll after a meal or a good half an hour of stretching, make sure you fit in at least 30 mins of exercise every day.

Makeup Workshop: It’s really important to wash your makeup brushes and sponges:

If you use makeup brushes or sponges regularly but aren’t good at washing them as regularly, you need to reconsider your choices. These makeup tools carry so much bacteria and sponges have the ability to keep that bacteria deep in the sponge, so wash out your sponge after every single use. Wash your brushes weekly and make sure to dry them lying flat, not upright. Hair shampoo is your best bet.

One last very important rule? Keep your hands off your face throughout the day!