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A Friend Finally Quits The Razor And Goes For Her First “Hollywood”.

Sooooooo. I recently went to get a full wax. I know there is a proper term for it but I’m not quite sure what it is. I suspect it may require the use of the word vagina. Which is a word we are all acquainted with but are generally woe to use. So when I called to book the wax I just said full wax and prayed to the Gods

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Hair Removal = Ingrown Hairs. What’s That All About?

Whether you prefer the blade, cream or wax – ingrown hairs can occur and they are a real pain. You are at greater risk if you let your dead skin accumulate without exfoliating it off regularly. We sat down with our trusted queen of the wax (our preferred method), owner of Naked Cherry salon (Pankhurst and Fourways in Joburg), Karen Metsos, to ask her some pressing questions around this topic.

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