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W. Beauty Repackages And Reminds Us Why Woolies Is A Great Beauty Destination

Full disclosure: At our house, Woolies means fresh, convenient and delicious food; cute kids’ clothes; great linen and homeware and a decent wine selection. I’ve personally never considered the store while shopping for my skin care or cosmetic products. In fact, I’m quite fond of their bath and shower range but I’ve never ventured into their beauty halls. Well, I now know that I’ve been playing myself (and probably so have

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What Is Beauty To You? Akona Ndungane, 33

I’ve been lucky, I realise, as I think back on my three decades that I am aware of, that I’ve never struggled with body or beauty comparison issues even though my environments could have led me that way. There is a story told humorously in my family of when I was very small, probably only a few months old, and on weekends my mother and Godfather would go into town

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