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What Is Beauty To You? Sive Stofile, 34

When I was younger, beauty used to be more about looking “perfect” – clear skin, being a certain weight, keeping up with fashion trends etc. It was based on what the cool kids at school looked like and what I saw in the typical teenage magazines and as a result I started using beauty products from a very young age (primary school). As I have grown older, I have embraced

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Summer can be tricky when it comes to moisturisation because as much as you don’t want dry skin, you also don’t want to feel sticky throughout the day. Usually, I use a light body lotion in summer and a thick cream in winter. I love a good body oil and tend to use oils in the evenings rather than during the day. This has changed with Dove’s DermaSpa Goodness body

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What Is Beauty To You? Akona Ndungane, 33

I’ve been lucky, I realise, as I think back on my three decades that I am aware of, that I’ve never struggled with body or beauty comparison issues even though my environments could have led me that way. There is a story told humorously in my family of when I was very small, probably only a few months old, and on weekends my mother and Godfather would go into town

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Dove DermaSpa Offers The Best Of Both Worlds: dermatological care + spa like qualities

I am a true believer in the healing qualities of touch. I’ve recently been trying to stay mindful and present as often as possible and I’ve started noticing little things that help to slow down my fast-moving-anxiety-inducing world. For example, whenever I wash my hands, I pay attention and become aware of my hands touching each other and the calmness that small action brings me. Even when applying lotion on

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