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Spa Visit: Fairlawns Spa

There’s something about the turn of season, specifically from autumn going into winter, that has the body feeling sorry for itself and yearning for a good old pamper. For me, taking time out to pamper myself doesn’t necessarily conjure up feelings of guilt because I actually believe that I deserve a good pamper – I just always think that the time could and should be spent doing something more beneficiary to others – things like doing groceries for the week, cooking the kids a decent well balanced meal, meeting a deadline, following up on an email, that sort of thing. Then I get grumpy because I can never fit in any “me” time…

The idea of self-care is not a new one. I think we all know somewhere in us that we aren’t much use to anyone if we don’t feel our best – or at the very least fee up to the task at hand. One of my favourite places in this city (Joburg) to run off to and hide for a few hours while I get pampered is Fairlawns Spa.

Last week I felt like I was running low on energy and high on anxiety. Our two year old has not been sleeping well, which means we haven’t had uninterrupted sleep in over a month, my husband and I, so we’ve been feeling a little short-fused. Instead of burying myself in more work and focusing on my to-do list, I decided to take a day (5 hours, to be exact) and visit a place where peace, pamper and absolute luxury are guaranteed. Of course this meant I would come home a better, more patient mother to my separation anxiety suffering two-year-old daughter and very talkative 5 year old son, and a more patient and loving wife to my husband.

On arrival, I immediately grabbed a fresh blueberry muffin to accompany my mint water while I waited for my therapist. After changing into my robe and slippers, I was escorted to my treatment room. It was definitely a chilly morning but I forgot all about that as I entered the dimly lit, warm and beautifully scented treatment room for a full body sugar scrub and mud wrap. After a steaming hot shower (not so great for the skin but like I said, it was a chilly morning and I couldn’t resist the heat) I enjoyed an hour long full body massage.

One of the reasons I keep going back to Fairlawns is the fact that they stock QMS Medicosmetics, a skin brand I’ve been swearing by for the past 5 years since I first discovered them. My skin has definitely been feeling a little tight especially around the eye area so I knew that a hydrating facial was a must for the day. I was not disappointed. After my QMS facial, I am left with plump, hydrated and soft skin.

Although I’d brought my laptop along hoping to catch up on some emails during my solo lunch, I couldn’t bring myself to open it. So luckily I’d brought along a copy of Architectural Digest, which I promptly got swallowed in as I enjoyed my delicious prawn linguini at the hotel’s restaurant. After lunch, I was totally ready for a nap – but I wasn’t yet done with my treatments. Next up, the pedicure. Quite a contrast from the treatment rooms, the nail area is a well-lit, warm and cozy area with rows and rows of O.P.I nail colours to choose from. To get to it, you need to venture through some bamboo and greenery in the garden, which has quite a fantastic effect.

The entire experience is heavenly but for me the service stands out. From the friendly guard at the gate all the way to the spa manager, Cornè and her team of wonderful therapists – I guarantee you will leave feeling like you are in a whole new body.

Farilawns Spa, 1 Alma Road, Sandton

Tel:011 814 2540


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