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Skin Saver Review: Skin Ceuticals H. A. Intensifier Serum

People like to talk about wearing less products on their skin in order to let their skin “breathe”. We’re here to tell you that skin doesn’t breathe so let’s stop with that. Instead, we suggest choosing good quality products appropriate for your skin type and rather see them as a barrier that protects your skin from all the nasties responsible for many skin nightmares: sun damage (uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles), pollution (unrefined texture, dullness) and all that bacteria floating around in the air. Gross, yes – but it’s exactly why walking around with absolutely nothing applied to your skin is not a good idea. In fact, I layer no less than 3 products on a very basic day (serum/booster, moisturizer, sunscreen) and add more when time and circumstances allow (eye treatment product and primer). My point is, don’t be afraid to add layers to your daily skin routine especially as you grow older…your skin needs it.

It’s supposedly winter but in Joburg yet our day temperatures have been above 20 degrees pretty much every day. One thing that keeps reminding us that we are indeed in the middle of winter is the very dry air, which in turn is drying our skin on supreme levels. I’ve always sworn by a good hydrating serum to take care of tight, dry skin woes and hyaluronic acid is that go-to ingredient for anyone whose ultimate goal is plumped up, hydrated, young looking skin.

Skin Ceuticals has launched the H.A. (Hyaluronic Acid) Intensifier, which is a multifunctional serum to help amplify the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels – meaning it assists the skin in increasing its own H.A. levels. In the mornings I’ve been wearing the serum over Skin Ceuticals Phloretin CF antioxidant and under a day moisturiser. In the evenings I apply it straight after my cleanser and before my night cream.

So here’s what I noticed straight after applying it to my face that first evening: instant relief in the tightness of my skin. By morning, my skin was visibly plumper and smoother. Within a week, I noticed that the winter dullness that’s been creeping up on my skin was slowly being taken over by a very obvious glow (I know some of the credit for this has to go to the exfoliation process I embark on before trying out any new skin product in order to receive maximum results…gotta get rid of those dead skin cells before applying anything to your skin). Beyond plumpness, smoothness and a glow, my skin is super hydrated.

What’s really impressive for me after 3 weeks of using this product consistently is the fact that my skin is giving me complete island holiday vibes right now. I look so stress-free (and trust me, this is not the case). You know those tiny imperfections that gather up and give us that weird dull overall look we can’t quite pin-point? That’s called photo aging and it’s basically aging symptoms associated with nature’s elements, specifically too much exposure to direct sunlight (rather than aging genetically). Anyway, those imperfections seem to have faded quite significantly. I dare say my skin feels and looks like it did maybe a decade ago: firmer, smoother, plumper and brighter and I’ve ditched all coverage (including BB cream!) except for those special occassions.

For the best results, I definitely recommend combining the serum with one of Skin Ceuticals’s antioxidants (Phloretin CF or CE Ferulic) in the mornings. Truly, anyone who is looking to seriously boost their skin’s moisture levels should give this product a try.

P.s. I’ve been dabbing some of the H.A. intensifier around my husband’s eyes – he’s been struggling with really dry skin in that area. I can truly say there’s been a great improvement in the appearance of his crow’s feet (and mine!)

Skin Ceuticals H.A. Intensifier 30ml R1550

Skin Ceuticals Phloretin CF 30ml R2725