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Q&A with an amazing mom: Zodwa Kumalo

Zodwa Kumalo is a very talented digital and content specialist who also is a DJ. She’s an old friend and colleague and we thought she’d be perfect for our first mothers’ day “Q&A with an amazing mom” (that’s not ours). She didn’t disappoint. She’s a mother to two beautiful girls, Maya ad Ruby. Here’s our quick chat:

TMP: What does an ideal mothers’ day look like to you?

Z: Ahh! I would love to start the day with an early morning run followed by a hot shower – undisturbed, with loud music playing in the background. Then I would enjoy a good cup of coffee while sitting on my sunny balcony. And then a long lazy breakfast outdoors with my sisters and my two little girls where they can run around freely.
The second part of the day is already sorted. My sister Zanele Kumalo and I are hosting (and DJing at) our second monthly #sunday143 event (May 14) at The Tennis Club from 12pm til late. It’s a very chilled event where we invite our favourite DJs to spin some tunes … there’s food on sale and and lots of space to hang and unwind – or dance! We’ve organised a pop-up for the next month’s one where you’ll be able to buy things that aren’t readily available online or instore.
So basically, my day is ideally a balance of family and me-time, backgrounded by a killer soundtrack.

TMP: Well, that was our second question! What’s your soundtrack for the day going to be?

Z: My favourite question! I’ll share 7 tracks I’ll definitely be playing at #sunday143

Le Fox – Owusu & Hannibal
Day Dreaming – Aretha Franklin
Summatime – Goldlink
There is Music in the Air – Letta Mbulu
Optimistic – Sounds of Blackness
Wrong Side of da Tracks – Artifact
I Will Never Know (ft Moonchild) – Tall Black Guy

TMP: Does your family have any mothers’ day traditions?

Z: No – as a family, we never really celebrate(d) these kinds of calendar events.

TMP: What’s on your lust list of beauty products/treatments?

Z: I’d like three: one would be a facial; the other would be micro-blading and the last one, some new eyelashes. 

TMP: Because we’re all about self-care, what gift will you be giving yourself on mothers’ day?

Z: I’m supposed to be providing cake for my five-year-old Ruby’s class on Friday. The rule is: baked goods only. I am choosing to flout that rule and buy a cake or cupcakes – this will be my Mother’s Day gift to myself. I don’t have time to bake this week so why stress myself out over it?

Aah… see why we love her? See you at The Tennis Club on Sunday!

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