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Beauty Profile: Mags Shivanda

Name: Mags Shivanda

Age: 33

Profession: Founder & MD Digital Shero


I was born in Thaba Nchu, a small town just outside Bloemfontein. My mom had me at a very young age, so after I was born she had to move to the big city (i.e. Bloem, LOL) to go find work. So during my first 4-5 years I was living with my grandmother, my uncles and aunt. I’m an only child but I never really felt it.

When my mother wasn’t working she came to fetch me, then we went through life together.She was renting rooms until she found land to squat and build herself a shack. Hahaha! Yes, yes, my mom was the first to squat on some open land. She went there and just put her shack up. There were people who tried to move us but all of a sudden there were other shacks, so they couldn’t fight all of us anymore.

I had a very nice childhood, loved being an only child. I didn’t even know that living in a shack was frowned upon until I was older. But somehow even then, I knew that was the best my mom could do and that I would do better. I went to Central University of Technology in Bloem where I studied and completed my Diploma in Marketing.


My mom loved lipstick. It was her thing until she passed away in 2008. I kept one of her lipsticks for years, until it ran out. She loved make up and dressing up. 

I watched a lot of tv growing up (as an only child) and I remember the first time I ever saw Cindy Crawford. She is the first person I remember being obsessed with. I know it is our identical mole that got me to love her. I grew up being teased about my mole, but the way she embraced hers, I wanted to be like that when I grew up. Plus she was a supermodel. I mean… come on! 


I’m not very loyal to skin brands. I’m always on the lookout for a good cleanser for my dry skin. I will try new products but still always go back to Dove. Same story with my exfoliator. I’m currently sticking with the Rooibos Exfoliator from Clicks. I love how soft and hydrated I still feel after using it. I also use a mask every time I exfoliate (twice a week.) At the moment I use Celltone mask and Optiphi Control Light for moisture. I also use the Babor cooling eye gel.

I like doing facials every second month when I go for my wax. I always incur blackheads so I get facials for that and for hydration.


I don’t like full coverage, the less I see my make up the better – except for my eyes though. Recently I started using Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation. I used to use Lancôme foundation (I was happy with it, might even go back). I also use Estee Lauder concealer when I’ve had a rough night. I’m always buying eyeshadow – it doesn’t matter which brand, as long as I don’t have the shade I buy it. I’m currently in love with BlackUp waterproof eyeliner. I like to seal it off with a liquid eyeliner for the cat eye look. My go to mascara is from Maybelline, I don’t have eyelashes so if I don’t have a weave on I love putting on my M.A.C. eyelashes (thanks to YouTube tutorials, yay!!). Oh I don’t go anywhere without my Rimmel brow sculpting kit, just for filling my eyebrows though. I have a thing with eyebrows, so I prefer timeless looks.

I love BlackUp crayons especially the reds and pinks. My every day lip though are the Estee Lauder pure color glosses…


For 5 years I had an Afro. I eventually cut it off because those were the 5 most painful years of my life because I have a very sensitive scalp. This means putting any kind of pressure on it is painful (combing, plaiting, braiding, weaving.) In 2015 I decided to try the natural look AGAIN, ‘cause you know, Instagram happened, girls rocking their crowns, hahaha! After about a year, I couldn’t take it anymore, so now I have decided going natural is not for me.

I now rock my wigs, braids and everything in between with no shame. I relax my hair every 3 months. My hair dresser uses Mizani products. At home I’ve discovered a range called Nalane ya Afrika (produced by Bloem girls). I use their Oil Growth every second day and their Leave-in Conditioning Spray. I’m so happy with these two products – my hair no longer breaks as much as it used to. Oh, I also like their moisturising lotion for when I do my high bun.


My hubby buys me perfumes. I really don’t believe in spending money on perfumes. Currently I’m enjoying the Thierry Muggler Angel perfume set he got me. I use the lotion as a hand cream. Heavenly.


 Lips gloss, eyeliner and eye shadow.


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