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Is Your Makeup Ageing You? Here’s Why.

Ageing is unavoidable and really, we shouldn’t be trying to avoid it.  More and more women claim to feel most beautiful at 40+, which is great news. It is also true that nobody really cares how old anyone is anymore. People are starting to look ageless, anyway. So why does it still leave a little pang when someone guesses your age to be 45 when it’s really 32? It could be your makeup.

Ditch the powder

It could be that you’re wearing too much powder. Although nobody wants to look greasy, a completely matte complexion can leave you looking flat and tired. A dewy, healthy complexion is what you’re looking for – skin that looks alive. Apply powder only strategically: around the nose area and going up the bridge of the nose. A tiny bit on the chin and forehead. Use blotting papers as your first option and powder if you must.

Ditch the glitter

Especially if you notice fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, glitter will be unforgiving. Nowadays, you can get great eye-shadows with a slight glow instead of glitter or shimmer. Cream eye shadows (instead of powder), for example, have the healthy glow effect.

Easy on the liner

Black kohl can be very attractive and sexy. It can also make you look like an older version of yourself. If you’re going for the opposite effect, only line the top lid and keep your bottom lid clean (maybe a liner the same shade as your skin tone rather than black, if you insist). Pile on the mascara to open the eyes and pop on a bright lipstick. Keep the skin well moisturized and bare (looking).

Be strategic with the blush

Blush can look very unnatural very quickly. Rather go for a bronzer to define the cheek a bit, but avoid any fruity colours if you know fully well that your cheeks have never in their existence turned a fruity colour.

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