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How You Should Be Storing Your Beauty Products

Did you know that you could be significantly cutting down the shelf life of your beauty products simply because you’re not storing them correctly? It’s true. We know you don’t want to be spending all that money only to have to throw out your favourite products before they are finished. Here are some guidelines:


Out of the bathroom

The steam in your bathroom is not doing your beauty products any favours. In fact, the opposite is happening. In humid or steamy conditions, water can condense on the surface of your favourite beauty product causing it to grow a little mouldy, which can be gross. This applies especially to makeup products but perfume can also be negatively affected by heat, steam and humidity. Really the only things you should be storing in your bathroom are the following: (face and body) cleansers, exfoliators/scrubs, soap, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste.

On your dresser

Provided that your dresser is positioned away from direct sunlight, you could get away with quite a few products going on here. Perfume can be nicely displayed and in winter you can leave all your creams on here as well. Direct sunlight can break down the active ingredients in most beauty products significantly speeding up their use-by date. Although you can pretty much store anything on your dresser that comes in dark packaging (which protects product from direct light) – we’d advise you to keep most of your stuff in drawers or cabinets just to be safe.

In drawers or cabinets

Just about any and every product will be safe in a closed drawer or cabinet (away from humidity so this does not include your bathroom cabinet). Drawers generally tend to stay cool, dry and dark – the perfect set up for beauty products.

In the fridge

Transfer all your face creams, eye creams and serums to your fridge and enjoy the added benefits. Suddenly your face and eye cream will also be on a de-puffing mission as the cold will help to calm and soothe the skin as well as deflate minor inflammation. It’s a great feeling and the active ingredients stay active. Products that contain vitamin C or retinol should especially go into the fridge as the cold temperature will slow down the degradation process of these two ingredients. The fridge is also great for lipstick that’s melted. Take it out as soon as it is solid again otherwise if left for too long, it can separate.

Not too cold!

Whatever you do don’t put your products (especially creams and lotions) in the freezer. If your cream or lotion freezes over and then thaws, it has become a different product all together. Too much chill can be as harmful as too much heat in this case.

Your bag is not extra storage…just transport.

Ok fine, you like to take a bottle of perfume in your bag when you go out. Just don’t keep it there! Same goes for your makeup. Take what you need for touch-ups but make sure you decant everything back to its rightful storage place when you get back home. And please, please don’t keep your perfume in the car!

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