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How To Make Sure Your Makeup Stays Put All Night

While some people like the idea of re-applying fresh makeup every few hours rather than using long lasting or waterproof makeup – others want to apply the makeup once before they leave the house and never have to think about it until they get home again. This post is for the latter…


Use a primer to create a fine barrier between your skin and the makeup. This helps to keep the skin’s natural oils or sweat away from shifting your makeup (foundation) therefore making your coverage last longer.


A water based foundation will generally stay put longer than an oil based one. This especially applies if you’re going out dancing or will be indoors with no air conditioning.


A setting spray’s sole focus is to keep your makeup in place. Make this the final step once all of your makeup has been applied. Bonus: you can re-spray all night to your heat’s content and you won’t look crazy.


Use a lip liner the same color as your lipstick to not only line the lips but also to shade the entire lips before applying lipstick. This gives a long lasting effect to your lip color because the liner will retain the pigment even when your lipstick shifts.


It is so difficult to find an eye liner that won’t move and waterproof eye liners aren’t for everyone (those who wear contact lenses will attest to this.) We recommend sticking to just the top liner if you’ are using black kohl. For your bottom liner, use a color that matches your skin tone to help open up the eyes. Note: The smudged bottom liner look can be very sexy look so this really depends on what you’re going for.


Layering fragrance is one clever way of making your scent last. Start with the shower gel of the same scent as your fragrance, follow with a lotion before spraying the scent. Not all perfumes have a whole range to go with them so also consider a perfume oil (more intense and longer lasting.) Always spray perfume on slightly damp skin for lasting effects.