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Hair Removal = Ingrown Hairs. What’s That All About?

Whether you prefer the blade, cream or wax – ingrown hairs can occur and they are a real pain. You are at greater risk if you let your dead skin accumulate without exfoliating it off regularly. We sat down with our trusted queen of the wax (our preferred method), owner of Naked Cherry salon (Pankhurst and Fourways in Joburg), Karen Metsos, to ask her some pressing questions around this topic. It is, after all, the season of sleeveless tops and swimming cozzies so let’s set the record straight.

TMP: What is an ingrown hair?

Karen: Ingrown hairs are hairs that have curled around and grown back into your skin instead coming through the skin; which can also be a result of dead skin clogging the pore.

TMP: Hair removal cream, shave or wax?

Karen: Really depends on your preference. Hair removal creams however are like shaving as they only remove surface hair. Cost and time, I would say, are the biggest contributors to decision making of what hair removal method gets chosen.

TMP: Should we consider different hair removal methods for different areas on our bodies?

Karen: Well laser seems to be a trend at present, however I know there are only certain laser machines that work on darker skins as the hair doesn’t absorb so much light. From my experience, with our customers; a lot of the time hair minimises drastically with waxing and with correct therapist technique and a good home care routine (Morning Glory wash works beautifully on darker skins due to Salicylic acid helps bring ingrowns out and keep skin tone from darkening).

TMP: If we go the shaving route, single or multiple blade?

Karen: Single Blade Shaver greatly reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs. Many long time cartridge / multi blade users are now shifting to Single Blade Shaver to help prevent irritation and skin problems.

TMP: What’s the biggest mistake we make when we choose to wax?

Karen: Not rebooking their next treatment then and there to stay in routine. Don’t start clipping or cutting the hair short in preparation for your wax – rather leave it to your therapist to decide if the hair is too long.

TMP: How can one minimize the pain that comes with waxing?

Karen: I would suggest a reputable salon, rebook so you keep on top of your treatments and don’t get the urge to shave or disrupt the stages of hair growth

TMP: What are some of the great benefits of choosing the wax method?

Karen: Instant results without being as fiddly & time consuming as shaving or as costly as laser. If you wax regularly, your hair does become softer and more patchy; and if caught at the right time of your hair growth cycle and with the correct technique – you are able to stay smooth for 5-14 days.

TMP: Why should we bother removing or trimming our pubic hairs?

Karen: It is really about personal preference in my opinion. There is a trend coming back where ladies are preferring a bit more hair on their ‘bonnet’ and remove all hair from labia through to anus.

TMP: Tell us some myths related to waxing.


* Removing hair makes more hair grow back, or makes it thicker and darker.
* Anyone can perform waxing services.
* Waxing from a young age will guarantee you will have less hair as an adult.

TMP: How can we avoid ingrown hairs altogether?

Karen: In my opinion, there are a few ways:
* Find a therapist who likes waxing. * Technique has a lot to do with it.
* Wax regularly.
* Follow your therapists advice on homecare between treatments (exfoliate, moisturise, don’t pick and and and…)
* If you choose to shave, use good quality blades and shaving products. Our Morning Glory Skin Cleaner is also great for shavers, as it calms the skin without the parabens, biocides, mineral oils and SLS’s.

TMP: If that ingrown hair does occur, then what?
Karen: Follow the home care your therapist advises (our most popular products are our Ingrown Terminator which is an ingrown spray we recommend to use every other night. It has Salicylic Acid in it to ‘munch’ away the dead skin cells which helps expose the hair; as well as Witch Hazel which is soothing & antibacterial. Another big hit (and my favourite, due to convenience) is our Morning Glory Skin Cleaner. It is a gel cleanser that has Shea Butter to nourish & condition; Camphor which is anti-inflammatory and calming. This will be used in place of your usual intimate or body wash. Please see our website for all products offered to fit into your homecare routine :, and if still no luck – book a consultation with your therapist to see if she help lancet it for you or recommend more personalised treatment for you).

Make your online booking at or visit them at 67 car 6th and 2nd Ave Pankhurst. You may also call them on 078 811 4371.

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