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Dove DermaSpa Offers The Best Of Both Worlds: dermatological care + spa like qualities

I am a true believer in the healing qualities of touch. I’ve recently been trying to stay mindful and present as often as possible and I’ve started noticing little things that help to slow down my fast-moving-anxiety-inducing world. For example, whenever I wash my hands, I pay attention and become aware of my hands touching each other and the calmness that small action brings me. Even when applying lotion on my kids, I no longer move in rapid, absent-minded movements while going through the day’s to-do list in my head. It’s now become a time for me to be fully present with them and express my way of nurturing through touch.

Strangely enough and even though I try, when it comes to my own healing, being gentle with myself doesn’t come as naturally as you’d expect. I know I need to put in a more conscious effort in showing myself and specifically my body love in small ways every day. That’s why when Dove sent me a box filled with their DermaSpa range of products to try out, I took it as an affirming sign.

There are several things I love about the concept of this range, the main one being that it reminds me to take care of the rest of my body the same way I take care of my face. When it comes to the face, I am quite strict about using products that are dermatologically approved and I don’t really care for scent on products. The DermaSpa range, which is for the body, is offering dermatological care with spa like qualities. Basically, it’s all about creating a spa experience in your own bathroom… every day… for as long as you like – at a much, much lower price.

The products have a clean, fresh scent that I strangely love. The textures are rich and velvety but feel like nothing on the skin. Just like after you’ve paid a visit to the spa, the skin stays hydrated and supple all day. I already know this is the range that’s going to take my moisturizing game a notch higher.