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Dove DermaSpa Offers The Best Of Both Worlds: dermatological care + spa like qualities

I am a true believer in the healing qualities of touch. I’ve recently been trying to stay mindful and present as often as possible and I’ve started noticing little things that help to slow down my fast-moving-anxiety-inducing world. For example, whenever I wash my hands, I pay attention and become aware of my hands touching each other and the calmness that small action brings me. Even when applying lotion on

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Pretend You’re Still On Holiday: The TMP Skins Cosmetics Edit

We all want to be the people who board international flights in the middle of January headed to some sunny island with warm beaches and nothing to do but read, swim and eat. We are not those people. Last week, in preparation of the work week ahead, we stopped over at Skin Cosmetics in Sandton City to do a quick edit for you of some products that reminded us of the summer holidays. Here’s what

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