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What Is Beauty To You? Sive Stofile, 34

When I was younger, beauty used to be more about looking “perfect” – clear skin, being a certain weight, keeping up with fashion trends etc. It was based on what the cool kids at school looked like and what I saw in the typical teenage magazines and as a result I started using beauty products from a very young age (primary school). As I have grown older, I have embraced

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Uso by African Dermal Science: What’s The Deal?

In Dec 2017, Theo Mothoa-Frendo set up a pop-up store in Sandton City and invited black women to come and buy her newly created range of skin products, Uso by African Dermal Science. We have one of our writers currently trying the entire range and we will share the review  once she’s been using the products for at least 5 weeks straight. In the meantime, we had some questions: who

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Beauty Journey: Sheena Adams

 Name: Sheena Adams Age: 37 Occupation: Editor-in-Chief of Destiny Magazine I am an only child which made for a very close and supportive relationship with both my mom, a primary school teacher and my dad, who was a carpenter when I was born and a textile export fundi later on. I grew up Muslim, in Sydenham, Durban, as part of a crazy, spirited and extended family – Muslim and Christian by

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Beauty Journey: Vika Shipalana

Name: Vika Shipalana Age: 34 Occupation: Director of the Prestige Channel at Pernod-Ricard South Africa CHILDHOOD I come from a family of strong women and a belief in The Almighty God, so it goes without saying that I have endeavoured to live a life of purpose, following in the footsteps of my beloved mother, Zukiswa Ntshona. I have an older brother, Lolwethu Bongco, who is my absolute rock and superhero (Mr

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