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New Favorite Beauty Spot: Tenfold

Gel nail polish is the big thing now and yes, I get it, it lasts a lot longer and doesn’t chip. But for those who are looking for the most natural finish, it’s always a challenge to find a salon that will do an excellent job using normal polish (by excellent I mean not letting my nail polish start chipping two days on because your top coat is not doing its job).

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Spa Review: The Saxon

I’m one of those people who prefer going to the spa alone. The entire experience is an indulgence I like to fully immerse myself in with zero distractions. I don’t even like the therapists talking to me too much. Silence, at this juncture of my life, has become a luxury I embrace wholeheartedly. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours at The Saxon Spa in Sandhurst,

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Aug Edit: Dyptique at Skins Cosmetics

If you are serious about your niche beauty brands then you must know about Skins Cosmetics in Sandton City. This beauty boutique opens its doors as Stuttafords shut theirs – but don’t mistake the two for the same thing. Skins has brought us brands that haven’t been available in the country (and if they are, they are way too expensive or don’t come in the full ranges). These guys have

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CHANEL is one of those brands that make everyone perk up just a little bit at its mention. When it comes to their perfumes, I will be the first to admit that there hasn’t really been one that called out my name. Let me be clear, many of their fragrances are certainly beautiful and, of course, iconic and over the years I have gifted many people with a bottle of

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