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Stop The Brow Madness. Can We Talk?

In the nineties, many of you shaved off your eye brows drawing them back on with black eye liner or just went completely crazy with the tweezers, resulting in thin straight lines over your eyes. It may have been a look back then but we can see you suffering today because suddenly full brows are the thing. Luckily, there are professional treatments like microblading (semi-permanent, natural looking tattooing of the

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Best of The Best: 7 Lipsticks We Swear By

We love a good lipstick. We say “lipstick” but really what we mean is anything with colour worn on lips. Nowadays, there are crayons, paints, lacquers, glosses, etc. We’ve compiled a list of our go-to brands when searching for a lip colour with pigment strong enough to show clearly no matter how dark your lips may be.  With these babies you won’t be left with patchy, or streaky pigment –

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Matte Lipstick Giving You Grief? Use A Lip Brush.

Last night I attended a dinner party and at some point found myself having a conversation with two ladies who had plenty of questions around matte lipstick. Everyone agrees the look is divine but not many of us can tolerate the dry feeling on the lips after a while. And yes, there are creamy mattes and semi-mattes, which are more comfortable but some of us want the completely matte look.

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Decoding: Makeup Brushes

The thing about the beauty industry is that new products are launched pretty much every day. It gets overwhelming and one can get suspicious of all the stuff we are being asked to buy. It is also why we exist as TMP – to decode and edit it all for you. Whether you are a “face-beat” kind of girl or fancy yourself more the “no makeup – makeup” girl, brushes

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