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What Is Beauty To You? Mathahle Stofile, 38

I grew up in a very small university town in the 80’s. It was the kind of place where every woman was your mother and every child came to your birthday party, no invitation needed. We lived on campus and would ride around on our bicycles playing harmless pranks on the varsity students. Those students, hanging out in groups, laughing loudly, lips painted pink or red, a sweet-floral scent whenever

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GIVEAWAY: NIVEA Hyaluron Filler Range – All You Need For Plumper Skin

So by now you must know that your skin has different needs at different stages of your life. For instance, what your skin was doing during your hormonal teen years is quite different to how it was during your partying twenties and certainly keeps changing throughout your 30s and beyond. None of us can stop the natural ageing process – in fact I like to see ageing as a privilege

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Things I learned from the Eucerin Pure Skin Camp in Leogang, Austria

Last week I spent five days in the most beautiful village in Austria. Leogang has just over 3 000 people who live there permanently and operates as a skiing destination in winter while there’s plenty of mountain biking in summer. I was invited by Eucerin to attend a Pure Skin Camp they were hosting as a way of educating us more about acne and new products in their acne targeting

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TMP Giveaway: Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Range For Acne Prone Skin

Four out of the five years I spent in high school saw me covered in some serious teen acne. For anyone who has ever suffered from acne, I don’t need to describe the emotional burden it comes with – no matter what age you are. In December, TMP asked our readers over 35yrs in age what their biggest skin concern currently was. Almost everyone who answered mentioned acne. This comes

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