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What Is Beauty To You? Akona Ndungane, 33

I’ve been lucky, I realise, as I think back on my three decades that I am aware of, that I’ve never struggled with body or beauty comparison issues even though my environments could have led me that way. There is a story told humorously in my family of when I was very small, probably only a few months old, and on weekends my mother and Godfather would go into town

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Dove DermaSpa Offers The Best Of Both Worlds: dermatological care + spa like qualities

I am a true believer in the healing qualities of touch. I’ve recently been trying to stay mindful and present as often as possible and I’ve started noticing little things that help to slow down my fast-moving-anxiety-inducing world. For example, whenever I wash my hands, I pay attention and become aware of my hands touching each other and the calmness that small action brings me. Even when applying lotion on

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What Is Beauty To You? Mathahle Stofile, 38

I grew up in a very small university town in the 80’s. It was the kind of place where every woman was your mother and every child came to your birthday party, no invitation needed. We lived on campus and would ride around on our bicycles playing harmless pranks on the varsity students. Those students, hanging out in groups, laughing loudly, lips painted pink or red, a sweet-floral scent whenever

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GIVEAWAY: NIVEA Hyaluron Filler Range – All You Need For Plumper Skin

So by now you must know that your skin has different needs at different stages of your life. For instance, what your skin was doing during your hormonal teen years is quite different to how it was during your partying twenties and certainly keeps changing throughout your 30s and beyond. None of us can stop the natural ageing process – in fact I like to see ageing as a privilege

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