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Is Your Makeup Ageing You? Here’s Why.

Ageing is unavoidable and really, we shouldn’t be trying to avoid it.  More and more women claim to feel most beautiful at 40+, which is great news. It is also true that nobody really cares how old anyone is anymore. People are starting to look ageless, anyway. So why does it still leave a little pang when someone guesses your age to be 45 when it’s really 32? It could be your makeup.

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How To Make Sure Your Makeup Stays Put All Night

While some people like the idea of re-applying fresh makeup every few hours rather than using long lasting or waterproof makeup – others want to apply the makeup once before they leave the house and never have to think about it until they get home again. This post is for the latter… PREP Use a primer to create a fine barrier between your skin and the makeup. This helps to

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Beauty Talk With a Beauty Editor: Knox Thusi

Knox is a beauty editor for Times Media Group (Sunday Times, The Edit, Wanted, S. Mag) based in Joburg. I first met Knox while I was beauty editor at Marie Claire, she was my beauty intern (later assistant and now editor). Knox was always a joy to work with because of her calm and sweet manner in what could be a sometimes stressful environment. She’s not just a beauty fiend,

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