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Beauty Talk: Anele Mdoda

TMP: What’s your full name?

A: Anele Zintathu Mdoda

TMP: Age?

A: 33

TMP: Occupation?

A: Broadcaster

TMP: What was your childhood like? Do you have any special memories?
A: My childhood was pretty awesome, I grew up with a mom, dad and three sisters. I am the third one. The fourth born came when I was 10. I do not know if I was excited to not be the youngest anymore or annoyed at not being the “Ntondo” (nickname for the last born in Xhosaville ). I was pretty scared of my parents, like I never wanted anything to be escalated to my dad so I pretty much towed the party line although I was quite mouthy, in a good way. I was always encouraged to have conversations with adults but always had “i-timing” (Xhosa for EQ) to know when I was becoming annoying, a skill that has helped me so much in my career to date. I must say, I did not like being young. I had a great childhood but I was keen to get older and live by myself and do what I want when I want. I really wanted to do my own thing. My parents were heavier on behaviour and values than religion and the untold motto was ‘just be kind’ . I remember I had had a minor fallout with my sister, Tembisa, and I did something mean. When my dad asked me why I did that I said it was revenge. Mmy dad’s face dropped to the floor and told me there is no such thing as revenge in the household and he would not tolerate it. What will always stand out for me is how my mom treated our domestic helper, usisi or Jaunty, like family. We would go to wherever she lived every second month no matter how far away it was just to know her. To me that taught me what I should be like – more than any lesson that ever came out my parents’ mouths.

TMP: Do you remember your mother’s beauty products? What was she always reaching out for? What was her style and approach to beauty?
A: My mom loved to bath! She could never understand why we did not find it a priority to bath twice a day. Today I do it with ease because I fall asleep better and since I do the breakfast show with a 4am start time, I can’t afford to not fall asleep in 5 minutes and a shower or a bath hits the snooze spit hard. Bath time for my mom in the morning was practical and swift and nighttime relaxing and pamper time. Both ends were always with a cleanser for the face, toner and moisturiser. Clarins was the staple brand there. So much so that all my sisters and I went through a heavy Clarins phase. Bio-Oil was a must as well but in winter she made her own concoction where she mixed glycerin, baby oil, mentholated spirits and Bio-oil and that would make her skin amazing! My older sister still swears by that mix. The balance, though, is where it hits me. I always mess that up. My mother also loved perfume. Clinique AROMATICS most of my life and later Tierry Muhgler’s ANGEL.

TMP: Have you always wanted to be a mother?

A: I grew up thinking it was just something that had to happen and that it would be a natural progression. I had never planned my life as a mother. I was not a broody person, in fact I am broodier now more than I have ever been..

TMP: Do you remember the first time you felt like a woman?
A: Hahaha! I was 9 years old and we went shopping and I picked a two piece navy suit (think first lady vibes) and a black sling back kitten heel! YOU COULD TELL ME NOTHING! And then my mom’s friend who was a two piece guru made the mistake of complimenting me on my choice and I was like: That’s it. Keep your Sketchers and Filas…THIS IS ME.

TMP: That’s hilarious. Has your work beauty routine changed now that you have to be there by 6am v.s. 3pm?
A: Well the first thing I changed was my diet. I just knew I could not eat and drink like I had accustomed myself to. I bath twice a day, once to wake myself up and at night to get myself to sleep. This is great for my mind, which basically helps my skin. I only drink water and no more juices and cold drinks because the only sugar now that may enter my body through Champagne, gin or Castle Lite.

TMP: If you weren’t doing what you’re doing (professionally) what would you be doing?
A: I would totally be an English and History teacher to seniors in high school. I would be that teacher who ventures off the syllabus a little to show movies and books that I feel kids should be reading. I would make sure all kids have their learner’s license by the time they matriculate. My life really could have been easier much quicker had I been a legal driver earlier in life. I say legal cause I was driving cars with the boys in the neighbourhood from when I was in std 7 (Grade 9) already.

TMP: When do you feel most beautiful?
A: In a shirt dress and heels. Lately I have started liking sneakers. I thought I could not pull them off but I am not missing the mark at all.

TMP: Is makeup a joy or a burden for you?
A: JOY when a professional does it and sometimes a burden when I do it. I sometimes nail the eyebrows and sometimes they look so wrong. The only burden used to be when I do not shower at night and I would be too lazy to take it off. My helper, Florence, has this stare where she will just look at the pillow for a long time… it hurts.

TMP: If you were to take 3 beauty products with you on a desert, what would they be? 
A: QMS everything. You (Mathahle) introduced me to it years ago and I have never looked back.  That and my favourite fragrance, Christion Dior, Ambre Nuit…which funnily enough was also introduced to me by you. And Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC…the lipstick to use when you have nothing else.

TMP: Take us through your daily skin care routine.
A: I wash my face with Neutrogena, the deep cleanse orange one, then tone with QMS. Next I apply the QMS day collagen (and the night one at night) and then the QMS 24HR moisturiser. I also like the DIOR night gel and I have these little serum capsules that a mate gave me. They are German so I do not know the name…will find out but they are magic!!! (TMP fun fact, QMS is also German) 

TMP: What about makeup – what are your daily go-tos? 
A: MAC everything. I like their eyeliner (I look tired with our it.) Ruby Woo as well as Heroine and Shall We Dance are my lipsticks. I do also like the bright pink matte Candy Yum Yum. A nude lip is something I love as well.

TMP: Is there a beauty trend you find ridiculous?
A: The wigs that are braids…just stop it !!!!

TMP: What do you wish you knew about beauty when you were a teenager?
A: That we are all beautiful and that you are allowed to say I am beautiful without fearing that someone will disagree. They can disagree and that is not your portion at all.

TMP: We feel like you’d make a great girl-mom. Do you think you’ll have more babies?
A: I want more babies NOW and yes I would be a great girl mom…I am a chilled mom period without wanting to be their friend. We can be friends when you live by yourself and are established…for now I am your mother.

TMP: What’s the one interview question no one ever asks you and you wish they would? Go ahead and answer it for us. 

A: The question: Are you scared that you are always expected to deliver?

My answer: Yes I am but that is what keeps me delivering. I am learning to be less harder on myself and I am learning to apply that love that I put into my work into my personal life. I am also learning to ask the difficult questions, which I do with some sort of ease at work but when it comes to people I love I avoid, but I am working on it. 

Do you have a beauty tip for our readers?
A: Avoid people who say certain shades of women should not be wearing certain colors. BOLLOCKS. Black women almost missed out on red lipstick here because of that. They made Grace Jones feel like an animal cause she was rocking red lips. NXA !!!!

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