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Beauty Journey: Tumelo Moema

Name: Tumelo Moema

Age: 32

Occupation: Freelance Radio Creative Solutions Implementer


I am the last of 3 girls. I was raised by my mom and a couple of strict aunts whom I still blame for my OCD around the house. I had to clean after myself all the time. I grew up in Mabopane and I was (still may be) a tomboy to the core. I did it all. I even ‘adopted’ a dog without letting its owners know. Took it for Sunday lunch at my house and it also agreed to never leave. My mom found it but since dogs in the hood pretty much look alike, the owners could never tell. Long story short, I still love dogs.

My mom was a teacher and a community builder. To this day she is still involved in the community. I love her so much for that. It has instilled a sense of humanity in me that I have grew up to look for in others.

My parents divorced when I was about 4 so I have no recollection of my father throughout my childhood. He sadly passed away 2 years ago. What I remember about him is that he was really strong. His work ethic and his music collection (Cassettes, hehe) were something. I love him for choosing my mom and making both my siblings and myself. My dad was an incredible Jazz virtuoso and it has rubbed off on me… us as a family, actually.

My relationship with my mom is very strong. She likes to call me on Sundays to reminisce about Teddy Pendergrass (Through The Falling Rain), and the likes. I have 2 nephews and 1 niece. I delivered my niece and my last nephew and I can tell you for sure the bond you hear people talk about when delivering a child is true. 


This is my second time in the company but not in the same job. I started off in Radio in 2006 in Production and then moved on to start a new division where we used to manage on-air talent. I left in 2009. I went to the Group Company to package and sell all media owned by them (a total of 52 companies then). A one-stop shop of sorts. I did that for about 2 years then went around the industry doing various jobs (Media Buyer, Media Planner, Content Licensing Specialist, TV & Radio Producer, etc.) I am now back as a Freelancer coming up with concepts to give Radio legs off air as a medium. I got into Freelancing through a failed dream job that I was offered mid last year that never took off. Long story! 


ELLE Magazine and Kelis. Yup! As crazy as that sounds. I started off reading my sister’s magazines and then realized that ELLE spoke to me more than Cosmo. Coming from being a tomboy, Cosmo felt too girly for me and ELLE was spot on. Almost like it awakened my androgynous sense of style. And then I remember seeing Kelis for the first time. Her husky voice, that rebellious streak and that fuck-off sense of style and all I thought to myself was ‘Oh my hat & umbrella, there I am’. 


 My routine is very basic. Johnson & Johnson’s Exfoliating Face Wash, Justine Sunscreen and Epigran from Justine. I grew up on Johnson & Johnson’s Face Wash and Justine Sunscreen. I recently tried Eucerin Face Wash and O.M.G. it felt so great it could actually be used on babies. I come from a family of facial hair so that is my biggest facial problem – something I am trying to permanently sort out! Also, this may come as a shocker but I have never had a facial before. Ever. I have never felt the need to but I hear that I should go for one. So that is on my To-Try-List. I am also very big on and very much aware of my water intake. I consume about 3 litres of water a day and I see how this has helped my skin.


Maybelline is my go-to-brand for makeup because after applying it my skin can still breathe. I literally only use Sunscreen for moisturizing, Maybelline Foundation, eyeliner and a Rimmel mascara. Every now and then I will use some nude-like eyeshadows during the day depending on the weather. I prefer eyeshadows more on cloudy day. For night time, you’ll probably spot me with indigo or gold liner around my eyes with some red lipstick.

I grew up always believing that for black people, the darker the skin the most beautiful we are. Almost like black people must…well…be black. I am still obsessed with dark skinned beauties. And yes I still wish I was 2 shades darker. Sometimes I just want to stay in the sun and be as dark as I want. The whole idea is changing, though. Now it’s the more comfortable a woman feels in her skin the most beautiful she is.


My fragrance always depends on the season and what mood I am in. Elie Saab, Giorgio Armani Sí and Narciso Rodriguez are my go to scents. I am also very fond of masculine smells around autumn and winter.


I have just woken up to how tidy my eyebrows look. I was never ‘that’ person. Maybe I’ve taken notice because of this crazy concept of shaving your eyebrows off and then drawing them on. Also, these thick stencil-like eyebrows are truly a joke to me. It’s never made any sense whatsoever. If it’s a trend, how does everyone have the exact same shaped brow? I find it preposterous! Either than that I just wish people could stop re-applying perfume throughout the day. Now you see THAT is my all time pet peeve.

My ultimate beauty crush? Hannah Bronfman.

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