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Beauty Journey: Kate Goliath

 Name: Kate Cinda Goliath

Age: 32 for two more weeks

Occupation: Managing Director for Goliath and Goliath and builder of dreams (talent manager)


I was born of parents who were fresh to Joburg, straight from Durban and I grew up in Eldorado Park. I attended Mayfair Convent for a few years before we moved out of segregation into a suburb on the Westrand. I changed schools and life seemed lighter in the suburbs, weirdly.  

My  mom worked for Mnet when I was a kid. She was in PR for them at a time when budgets were blown on the best events and parties. We lived through the KTv days and were blessed to experience some awesome experiences like flying to Sun City in a 6 seater plane to meet my mom who was working on Miss SA (a HUGE deal during the 90s).

We had ups and downs and hard times as everybody did but my mother made sure we were short of nothing. She made a promise to me to give me everything she was not allowed to or couldn’t afford to have.

I have a brother who is now my bestest friend on earth but when we were younger we absolutely had no interest in each other as friends. We are now inseparable and I am grateful because he is the best brother anyone could ask for. We now call him Brother Theresa because he is a saint.

I used to, funny enough, be a regular church goer and Sunday school teacher. I believed be cause my parents told me it was the right thing to do so I put my all in it. Then I saw the real world and lived experiences outside of the church. I realised that as much as there IS a God one doesn’t have to be Christian or Muslim or Hindu to know the difference between right and wrong or good and evil. I learnt that for me the Universe is a leader and path creator, and that I am walking a path only I can change and re-arrange. Much the same with organised religion but to my own intuitions and beliefs from my own life lessons not 2000 year old stories in a book. My story.


I am so much fairer in complexion than my mom and always wanted to have her perfect Olive skin and tall build. She did however make me love myself for both my perfections and imperfections.

Mostly I remember my mom being kind and making her kindness a part of her style and definitely a part of her beauty. I hope most of all that I took that from her. Goodness shines out of a person if allowed. That’s how I have always wanted to be.

When I was younger I was a tomboy of sorts… At age 9 I told my mother to strip every single piece of pink or purple from my life. All my dresses, EVERYTHING was taken out and I started a fresh pink-free girl-free prepubescent life.

When I became a teenager I found Hello Kitty and in a very strange way it made me realise that I can love girl things and be a girl and wear pink and still be a tomboy and hang with my guy friends.

I never really had a beauty routine growing up because I wasn’t interested in make up (also my mom didn’t allow it- my time would come, she would always say) but she did insist on cleanliness and hygiene always and always washing my face before bed. So that perception has always been there.

But now as a woman with children and a partner I know how important it is for me to look after myself because I have to show my boys how important it is for a woman to feel beautiful FOR HERSELF – there is so much power in that. Not in a superficial way but if you think about the last time you truly believed you looked BANGING, think about the power you had for that day. It sounds superficial but its reality. “Look good, feel good” has always been my motto. It’s not about being a weak woman using her looks to get things, it’s about using your confidence to push through hard times and know that you can do anything by just being yourself.


I am quite plain when it comes to skin care as I was lucky to have a clear skin as a teenager. Very lucky. I use a Dove bar  to cleanse daily and use Neutrogena daily scrub twice a week for exfoliating. Then if I do tone it’s either Neutrogena or Clinique. For face cream I love the Placecol range. I also love Neutrogena daily moisturizer and use the same brand night cream as well.

I read a while ago that you shouldn’t wash your face (with a cleanser) in the morning if you have cleansed your face before bed. Apparently the natural oils that your face produces will get washed away, so I just do a wipe with a warm cloth and then tone and moisturize.

I cannot sleep if i have not washed my face, make up or not.

If i am wearing make up its generally on my eyes so i either use Vaseline to get the mascara off or just wash gently with Dove.

I do a mask if i have time or remember once a week.


I dont wear foundation or blush or highlights etc. I mainly make up my eyes. I find my skin gets uncomfortable with a full face of make up. I like a bit of mascara on its own sometimes for a dewy look. I don’t ever wear lipstick, ever. I have dry lips so use only one type of balm and its from Australia so I have to beg friends who go to bring me some!


I do my own hair. I hate hairdressers. I have literally never walked out of a hairdresser completely satisfied.

When I was younger, because of where we come from, curly hair was not acceptable. It was considered untidy and not white enough. For Coloured people this was a big issue. One day when I was out of high school I stopped relaxing my hair and grew out my curls. Never have I been more ME. My hair, as for most women, is a big part of who I am and I am so glad I accepted and started to love it. I dye it myself as well, changing colours regularly. Luckily its stronger than I think!

I use an oil based shampoo called Twisted Sister from Clicks which I just found. It makes my hair lighter and more manageable. I only use a leave in conditioner that I have to get from Cape Town so I order in bulk from my mother in law. It’s called Long and Lasting and does not make my hair dull or flaky. I then also use an oil moisturiser by the same brand every second day. I wash my hair twice a week at most so it doesn’t get dried out.

Every 2 weeks I do an oil treatment because its currently blonde and needs all the moisture and treatment it can get. Coconut oil is the best for treatments and for when the tips get dry sometimes.


DKNY Apple (the green one) is my favourite and daily scent. I used to love a YSL fragrance called Babydoll but they no longer make it. It is incredible and so long lasting. I kept my last bottle to smell it for memories. Lol. I also love Angel by Theirry Mugler. And most Hugo Boss fragrances are lovely too, light and get better during the day.

A beauty trend I would like to see disappear? Shorts that look like denim panties (or is that fashion?) Surely they’re uncomfortable and uneasy? That and people that film themselves for social media and don’t say a thing but turn their heads and pout and touch their hair and neck so we know they are real. PET PEEVE. It might not a be a beauty trend but I need to let the world know it’s dumb.

I am also going to say skin lightening. We need to embrace who we are and really get these ideas of perfections out of society’s minds. Its stiffling.

What I want to teach my kids about beauty is that: it’s what you see and feel. No one can tell you what you find beautiful, no one can judge that, or no one should. It’s basically like happiness. It’s yours to make of what you can. Happiness should be the deciding factor because there is no one more beautiful than a truly content person.

My ultimate beauty crush… Cheese personified but Kim Kardashian. I love the way she justifies her face and body. She makes it very clear that she isn’t perfect but she tries damn hard to be. She loves making her self look beautiful and has a confidence that all her money couldn’t buy. It’s weird to respect her because people can’t see past her fakeness but for me that is her realest part. She doesn’t shy away from the fact that she has paid to perfect her body for herself first and then her career. She is also really beautiful and blessed with good genes and a phenomenal business woman too.

Then my absolute woman crush is  Tracey Ellis Ross. She is the complete opposite of Kim but my god what a glow. There’s a calmness that comes through in her pictures, a calm confidence that you can only achieve with age. She is a rebel and funny and HERSELF. And she has a wardrobe I would die for.

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