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Beauty Journey: Bee Diamondhead

Name: Bee Diamondhead

Age: 32

Occupation: Fashion Director and Producer

I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I came into the world with a twin brother. We have an older brother who passed away 2 years ago. I have 2 younger sisters and my cousin Nina who grew up with us, so that would be 3 sisters. We are all very close. They are my immediate support system. My father’s studies and job meant we moved to South Africa in ’94. First we lived in Mafikeng, then Klerksdorp and finally Jozi. All that included township and urban. Still does. I have family everywhere. My parents raised us to treat people in our lives with respect and dignity, with uBuntu. 

I always say I had no idea I was different until I moved here. In S.A. I learnt about racism and xenophobia. I learnt how dark my skin was. I learnt that speaking up annoyed people. 

My mother moved to the UK when we were kids so I’ve spent a lot of time visiting her there. Family means everything to me. I consider my close friends family too. I would do almost anything for them and I think they know that.


I’ve always been the weird girl who dressed weirdly and spent all her time in Art. The thought of going to university scared the shit out of me. All those people! Judging me…

So I enrolled at Vega. I got my degree in Creative Brand Comms and majored in Art Direction in 2006. 

I hated advertising. I can’t sit still and I found out that art directors spend all day sitting in front of a screen. I ended up assisting a friend’s sister who needed help on a styling job. I fell in love immediately – saved all my money bought a ticket to London and enrolled in some styling/fashion courses at The London College of Fashion. What a time! I moved back home a couple of years later. Straight out of the plane onto a set. I have worked on hundreds of sets since. From publishing to film to music videos. But my heart is in branding. So I do a lot of that now. I consult for a lot of different brands. Help build campaigns and produce them.


I’m really annoyed with myself at the moment because I’m dying to have a consistent beauty look and I just don’t. The most important thing though is to keep everything underneath healthy. Healthy skin, hair and nails. I’m really influenced by girls like Hannah Bronfman and Vashtie Kola in how they approach beauty. Keep it healthy and natural with some occasional fun – that’s pretty much my beauty philosophy. I had all my bundles turned to wigs the other day. So under the wigs I have cornrows which I keep conditioned and healthy. I’ve absolutely tortured my hair over the years. Recently, I had a new hair style every 2 weeks! I’m not sure if my poor hair line will ever recover but my hair dresser and I are working on it. 


I wash with black soap. This is a recent thing I’m trying out. I threw out all my normal stuff about a month ago and just kept roll on, deo and toothpaste. I’ve been feeling crazy about using products not made for me lately. 

So the black soap is making its rounds with team natural so I’m giving it a bash. I’ll probably stick to it until I find something as natural but prettier in smell and look.

I moisturize with a mix of coconut oil and Shea butter. I get all my natural products from NatMoisture. My skin is very dry and needs constant moisture so this heavy dose is great for me. I use that mixture for my body and hair. I recently added a couple of drops of Wass’s Winter treatment oil as I dry out even more in winter. It smells delicious too so it’s doubling as my everyday scent too. 

On my face I use Theravine’s Pinotage face oil straight out the shower. I literally have a natural glow all day because of that stuff. Once I’m dry I apply Optiphi’s Protecting Revitalizer.

At night I swear by Sampar’s So Much to Dew Midnight Mask. I wake up looking plump and hydrated. That stuff is honestly life. 

I carry around a litre of ice cold cucumber water with 2 table spoons of Apple cider vinegar and 10 drops of horsetail. I’ve always been a big water drinker. The extras – I’ve just gotten used to the taste and I now find normal water boring. The horsetail I believe is the reason my nails are so strong and long. 


I dont wear much make up anymore. I have my lashes done once a month, I’m on a short break but I miss them terribly. I have my brows threaded once every 5 months at Mumbai Express in Parkhurst and tinted every 2 months.

On a normal day If I have to leave the house, which is hardly ever, I use a bit of DIORSKIN Star longer foundation, some Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator and some of my friend Nina’s grandmothers creamy beeswax on my lips. I use a bit of MAC’s Pro Longer concealer under my eyes.

A small mix of Dior Forever broad spectrum with SPF 35 and shine control with Revlon Colorstay Foundation evens out my tone. L.A. Girl’s Strobe Lite powder for highlights and ME&YOUTH’S Quick make-up fix to finish. 


I see beauty as a black woman now. As in, on my terms. When I was younger what was beautiful to me was whatever my friends and people around me obsessed about. And that was generally what was popular in media then. My gaze has shifted considerably. I see my beauty and my people’s beauty before anyone else’s. I’ve had to learn or I train myself daily not to judge. I only judge people that don’t see beauty in others. I admire a confident woman, one who carries herself unapologetically no matter what others say. 


I go through phases with scent but I love French perfumes. I prefer a unisex scent. I find scents made specifically for females or visa versa a bit of an assault to my senses. I die for a citrus Diptyque scent in the summer. I’m obsessed with Jo Malone’s Blue Agave and Cacao scent, as well as Comme de Garçons Kyoto from their Incense Series3 range. Right now I’m wearing Tom Ford’s Oud Fleur. It’s almost done so I’ll probably switch to Comme for the winter. 


I’m into the Team Natural hair trend. I cut my hair off in December and I’m super happy to be rid of the relaxer. I just hate that we’ve been sold so many chemicals to put into our hair. I want to get to a point where all my beauty products are completely natural. 

I absolutely loathe the geometry brow. MAKE IT STOP! I’ve been hearing a lot of conversations about bringing back the super skinny arched brow. I would kindly ask whoever is behind this vile rumour to please just shut the hell up. 


Lupita for that skin – that glow is unmatched, truly. Solange’s wig game is sickening. I love Zoë Kravitz’s effortlessness and Rihanna for the risks.


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