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Ungovernable | a Q&A with

Ungovernable | Mathahle Stofile    

Why you should add a serum to your daily skin care routine

Are you still just moisturising your face without applying a care product underneath and you’re over 30? Here’s why this is not a good idea. From the day we are born, our caregivers lather us with lotion, Vaseline or baby cream after every bath. Feeding our skins with moisture and providing a protective barrier for the skin to lock in this moisture makes sense, right? But did you know that a

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26 Beauty Brand Names You’re Mispronouncing

We’ve all had that moment when you hear someone pronounce a word completely differently to how you’ve been saying it in your head. We’ve picked 26 brand names we’ve heard commonly mispronounced and here’s how you say them:   Aesop: /ee-sop/ Alaia: /a-lia/ Balenciaga: /bah-len- see-ah- gah/ Balmain: /ball-mahn/ Betiste: /bat-east/ Bvlgari: /bull-ga- ree/ Ciate: /see-ah- tay/ Davines: /da-vi- ness/ Guinot: /gee-no/ Guerlain: /ger-lahn/ Givenchy: /jhee-von- shee/ Hermes: /er-mez/ Issey

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5 Skincare Swops To Make From Your 20s Into Your 30s

Skin, like the rest of the body, behaves one way in your 20’s and quite another once you hit the 30’s. In your 30’s, the skin becomes more demanding and needs a little more attention. You are no longer going to get away with long nights and early mornings, sleeping with your makeup on or overindulging in that wine without seeing the negative effects on the skin. There are ways,

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