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Aug Edit: Eucerin Body Creams Giving Us Life All Winter

Eucerin is the brand you should default to if your skin is very demanding. My skin is generally well behaved until winter hits Joburg. The first year I moved here, which was over a decade ago, it was April and back then seasons actually meant something. By the time June ended that year, we were in full-on winter and my body wasn’t having it. Before Joburg, I’d been living in Cape Town and we all know how drastically different the two climates are.

My first winter in Joburg scared me in two ways: my Afro hair went brittle and dry in a way I’ve never seen it before (when I washed my hair, chunks would break off in the shower) and the skin all over my body turned reptile-like, especially on my back. Seriously, I thought I had some skin disease. I didn’t have a skin disease. My skin was dry and needed extra hydration and nourishment in every single beauty product I was using.

This year’s winter in Joburg was dry, as always. Yes, my skin has accliamatised since those days but it still gets very dry in winter – meaning I’ve had to add oils to my normal body creams. This month, Eucerin sent us these three body creams and my entire family jumped on board. All I can say is everyone’s skin is happy (from my two year old daughter right up to my 41 year old husband) and no additional body oils needed.

Original Extra Thick Cream: for very dry compromised skin R179,99

(NEW) Urea Repair Plus: excellent for very dry rough skin that can also be caused by psoriasis, diabetes, xerosis – R239,99

PH5 Soft Body Cream: for dry sensitive skin R179,99