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Aug Edit: Dyptique at Skins Cosmetics

If you are serious about your niche beauty brands then you must know about Skins Cosmetics in Sandton City. This beauty boutique opens its doors as Stuttafords shut theirs – but don’t mistake the two for the same thing. Skins has brought us brands that haven’t been available in the country (and if they are, they are way too expensive or don’t come in the full ranges). These guys have kept their prices pretty much the same as internationally and they are the first ones to bring the entirety of Dyptique (skin care, perfume, home) to our shores and we are ecstatic. Here are two of our favourite picks (but believe us when we say we have way more than just two favourites):

So the brand was founded by 3 friends who were all obsessed with art (one was an interior designer, another a painter and the third a theatre set designer and director), which is why every bottle of each of their fragrances has an intricate illustration inside the label (above left is the front of the bottle and above right is the back of the same bottle).

Philosykos is a gender neutral fragrance. It’s fresh and smoky with fig as the main ingredient that comes through. It’s a great daytime fragrance and can also be worn as a base under a heavier scent like oud… or to tone down a sweet one like a floral. We love it alone sprayed straight on to damp skin.

Beauty fiends know all about Dyptique candles and how the containers double up as makeup brush holders once you’re done with the candle. One scent we can’t get enough of is BAIES (cutely pronounced “Bae” or is it “Bare”?). It’s a soft  and clean scent that reminds us of fresh, clean linen. 

Visit Skins online store to discover all 65 brands stocked: