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Advertorial: Eucerin Even Brighter Serum Concentrate Challenge: Week 1

When I worked as a magazine beauty editor, whenever I got a chance to interview a dermatologist my questions would always focus on pigmentation because I knew it was the no 1 great skin concern with Black women. Eucerin’s Even Brighter range aims to correct the skin tone’s evenness and I was thrilled to find out they’ve now added a serum to the range. We partnered up with them to put the new kid on the block to the test.

As a black woman living under the harsh South African climate, I know a thing or two about pigmentation.

The first thing I know is that it is one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat. I also know that it is very rare for a regular and safe over-the-counter product to effectively treat pigmentation. Thirdly, I know that for some reason, pigmentation is a condition that people of colour (Black, Coloured, Indian, Asian) are more susceptible to while, for example, our Caucasian counterparts are more likely to get wrinkles earlier in life than we are.

My pigmentation has always been from post-inflammatory scarring. Basically, it would occur after I’ve messed around with a pimple that inevitably leaves a dark mark on the skin. Usually, this dark mark will last weeks to months before it begins to fade gradually on its own. 

 Last year, my father passed away after being ill for six weeks. I saw the effect the emotional stress had on my skin almost immediately. It felt like each morning I was waking up to a new pimple, my skin tone was dull and looking duller by the day and I was an emotional wreck. It has been 8 months since my father’s passing and the dark marks are starting to fade but I certainly could use some help especially around the cheek and jaw areas.

Eucerin’s Even Brighter Serum Concentrate is made up of 6 ampules to successfully target the dark spots on the face. The formulation prevents excessive melanin production and reduces the appearance of dark marks. It also stimulates the repair of damages, thereby helping to prevent further premature ageing.

I will be using the serum ampules morning and night under my moisturiser specifically targeting the dark marks. I have to make it clear that this is not a bleaching product. There is a difference between a dark spot correcting product and a bleaching product. (We’ll do a separate post on this soon.)  

Next week, look out for our video interview with Dr. Mpofu as she breaks down the facts about pigmentation. Click the Eucerin banner below to visit their site and learn more about their Even Brighter skin care range.