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A Beauty Minute With A Fashion Editor: Khomotso Moloto

We’ve always known that good healthy skin is the first step to a beautiful face. Khomotso (fashion editor at Sunday Times and S Mag) is one of those women who look beautiful when their face is fully made up but possibly even better with a clean face. How is this possible? She dishes on her winter beauty tricks.

TMP: How does your skin behave in winter? How do you deal? 

K: Generally I have dry skin, however in winter its on another level of dry! I try not exfoliate as often and use a cream based face wash.

TMP: What shade of lipstick are you reaching out for the most nowadays? How does it make you feel when you wear it?

K: I’m in such a weird stage of my life at the moment, however, Maybelline Natural flush liquid lipstick is a favourite only because my eyes are usually quite dramatic . Come to think of it, I’ve been trying to speak less and observe more this season of my life, I guess it comes through in my make up too.

TMP: Perfume?

K: Chanel Mademoiselle 

TMP: Who does your hair?

K: I have a lady by the name of Annette that comes to my house to braid it . When it comes to treatments I’m a DIY kinda girl 🙂

TMP: A beauty trend you wish to master?

K: Strobbing

TMP: Beauty crush? 

K: Sonjdradeluxe @sonjdradeluxe Her facebeats are intense but I wish I had energy to pull off a full face everyday.

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