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Beauty Talk With a Beauty Editor: Knox Thusi

Knox is a beauty editor for Times Media Group (Sunday Times, The Edit, Wanted, S. Mag) based in Joburg. I first met Knox while I was beauty editor at Marie Claire, she was my beauty intern (later assistant and now editor). Knox was always a joy to work with because of her calm and sweet manner in what could be a sometimes stressful environment. She’s not just a beauty fiend, she is also a fashion lover. TMP asked her 7 beauty questions and this is what she said:  

TMP: What are some of the perks beauty editors enjoy?

K: Being a beauty editor is such a joy, sometimes it feels like most of it is a perk.  I would say though the ultimate perk is being able to write about beauty as well as learn and educate about absolutely any makeup trend, technique, skin condition or latest technolgy at the drop of a hat.  My job also allows me to meet so many amazing people and experience places I could only dream of.

TMP: What would you change about your job?

K: I would probably change the perceptions that some people hold towards my job – that I am either a makeup artist or a glam girl.  I think beauty is such an important industry that taps into technology, aesthetics, medicine, biology, social influences and trends.  Sometimes it can be down played as an easy or frivolous job.

TMP: What’s your go-to foundation right now? 

K: Oh my gosh, asking any beauty editor her favourite anything is a trick questionn, haha! I like different foundations for different looks and moods so I change them depending on the state of my skin at that moment.  Right now, my skin is loving 3 foundations (*hides*) – I love Clinique Even Better Makeup in Toffee as my everyday foundation. Then when I want a lighter coverage that will give me that glowing, healthy skin, I love Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Foundation in Warm Almond.  When I need extra coverage or am going to an evening event it is definitely MAC Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Cushion Foundation Compact in 7.5

TMP: And lipstick? 

I always have at least three lipsticks that I use at a time.  My go-to neutral or nude shade is Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte Lipstick in 37. I always love a dark berry or chocolate shade so my favourites are MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Oh Lady, a beautiful purple berry shade and Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte lipstick in 18, my go-to chocolate brown.

TMP: If you were to take 3 beauty products to the desert what would they be?

K: This so difficult since I love loads of products – okay so let me be practical…Bobbi Brown Face Mist, to keep my skin hydrated. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream Skin Protectant, because it is the best multi-purpose product I have used, its great for chapped lips, grooming brows, creating glossy lids and calming skin cut. I love glowing skin everyday, which means I always need some sort of a bronzer so it’s a toss up between Black Up Sublime Skin Powder and Smashbox LA Lights Blendable Lip and Cheek Color in Venice Beach Bronze.

TMP:  Most impressive product in 2016?

K: I love lipstick so my most impressive product of 2016 has to be the Inglot HD Lip Tint launch.  It is the best liquid matte lipstick I have ever used and it is the only one that stays put the whole day, regardless of the hours, whether I am eating or drinking.  I have been in search of the perfect liquid matte lipstick and this one is just amazing.

TMP: Biggest beauty myth?

K:  “Universal shades”. Yes, many brands are making products that do give a perfectly matched finish and are for every skin tone like MAC’s Ruby Woo, Lady Danger or Optiphi Hydration Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 20  but I do think that some product lines haven’t quite gotten the idea that not all skin tones are under a general umbrella of “light, medium and dark”. Study your skin, play around with different shades and get to know your skin’s undertone – I think it is the difference between makeup looking amazing and looking average on women.