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5 Things Your Should Know About Winter and Your Skin

It is important to watch your skin closely as the seasons change to see what it needs. Different skin types may react differently to winter depending on where in the world you live and under what climate conditions. There are, however, certain rules that apply across all skin types…

Hot showers will make your skin drier.

Tempting as they are, hot baths and showers are not advisable as they will dry out your skin. When the water is too hot, it strips the epidermis (outer layer of skin) of the water it should be storing. If you can’t avoid them, make sure you keep them to a maximum time of 5 minutes and no more.

Thick cream doesn’t necessarily mean more moisture/hydration.

The best way to add moisture to your skin is to use a hydrating serum under your moisturizer as it has smaller molecules that are able to penetrate the skin better (than a cream). In fact, a very thick cream can trap dead skin cells making your overall complexion appear dull. This is especially if you aren’t exfoliating enough. Of course this isn’t always the case – some skin types thrive on thick creams. Again, watch your skin closely.

Exfoliating your skin doesn’t make it dry!

Exfoliating your skin means you are getting rid of the dead skin cells on your outer most skin layer, making it possible for products to penetrate and perform better. So in contrast, exfoliating your skin can make it feel more nourished once you’ve applied hydrating products to it. Note that if you have sensitive skin you should stay away from grainy scrubs and exfoliators as they can feel aggressive on sensitive skin. We are great advocates of chemical exfoliation for all skin types.

No, you can’t use your night cream in the day for more moisture.

A night cream typically has active ingredients designed to work while you sleep (away from sun exposure, pollution and other daytime elements). They tend to be heavier and more potent than day creams. You can’t just swop your day and night cream because your skin feels dry during the day. If your day cream is not doing the job, exfoliate, add a serum and look at using a cleansing oil instead of a foaming cleanser.

Yes it is overcast and yes you still need sunscreen.

Bottom line: clouds offer no protection against UV rays. You need sunscreen during the day no matter what the weather. Sun damage is still the number 1 cause for premature photoageing.