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5 Skincare Swops To Make From Your 20s Into Your 30s

Skin, like the rest of the body, behaves one way in your 20’s and quite another once you hit the 30’s. In your 30’s, the skin becomes more demanding and needs a little more attention. You are no longer going to get away with long nights and early mornings, sleeping with your makeup on or overindulging in that wine without seeing the negative effects on the skin. There are ways, however, to help minimize the damage…

Start by upgrading your skin products.

 Introduce a treatment serum

Look for one that contains hyaluronic acid to boost moisture and plumpness to your skin which is now starting to produce even less collagen. A moisturizer alone will not do the job sufficiently.

Ditch the scrub and go for mild chemical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliants are milder on sensitive skin than abrasive scrubs. The exfoliation effect is also more pronounced in the chemical method than a scrub. While your skin renews itself every 14 days or so in your 20’s, it drops to about every 30-35 days in your 30’s (as a newborn, the process is daily). To speed up this skin renewal process in our adulthoods, we exfoliate.

Use an eye cream

Even if you see no fine lines around the eye area yet, delay their appearance by making sure that very thin skin around your eyes is always well hydrated and moisturized. Eye creams can also provide a healthy glow around the eye area making your complexion look more radiant. Keep your eye cream in the fridge.

Drop the 2-in- 1s and go for targeted products

You know those cleanser-and- scrub-in- 1 or day and night cream numbers? They are fine for your twenties (and in make up… we love a good lip and cheek pot) but when you hit your thirties, you want targeted products and you want them applied separately to get the maximum out of each ingredient. This also goes for SPF. The one in your moisturizer or foundation alone isn’t going to cut it. Apply a sunscreen separately over your moisturiser and under your foundation.

Ditch the wipes and invest in a good cleanser – morning and night

Facial wipes should really be for desperate times – like when you’ve had a long night and can’t be bothered to do the whole getting your face wet before bed thing. You really need to keep these nights to a minimum, by the way. Even if you don’t wear makeup during the day, you need to wash your face at night to get rid of the bacteria on the skin, which can be caused by residue from sunscreen, skin products, pollution etc. Same for the morning because of all the bacteria collecting  on your pillow case including that sweat and hair food. Simply put – your skin is not going to deal well with short cuts anymore.