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26 Beauty Brand Names You’re Mispronouncing

We’ve all had that moment when you hear someone pronounce a word completely differently to how you’ve been saying it in your head. We’ve picked 26 brand names we’ve heard commonly mispronounced and here’s how you say them:


Aesop: /ee-sop/

Alaia: /a-lia/

Balenciaga: /bah-len- see-ah- gah/

Balmain: /ball-mahn/

Betiste: /bat-east/

Bvlgari: /bull-ga- ree/

Ciate: /see-ah- tay/

Davines: /da-vi- ness/

Guinot: /gee-no/

Guerlain: /ger-lahn/

Givenchy: /jhee-von- shee/

Hermes: /er-mez/

Issey Miyake: /ee-say- mee-ah- kay/

Joop!: /yoop/

Kerastase: /care-ah- stass/

Kiehl’s: /keels/

La Prairie: /la-prah- ree/

La Roche-Posay: /la-roush- po-say/

Lancôme: /lohn-cohm/

Lanvin: /lahn-vahn/

L’Occitane: /lox-ee- tan/

Miu-Miu: /mew-mew/

Moschino: /mo-skee- no/

Shiseido: /she-say- doe/

Thierry Mugler: /tee-air- ree mu-glare

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