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  • What Is Beauty To You? Mathahle Stofile, 38

    Words: Mathahle Stofile

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  • What Is Beauty To You? Akona Ndungane, 33

    Words: Akona Ndungane

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  • What Is Beauty To You? Sive Stofile, 34

    Words: Sive Stofile

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  • A Hilarious Account of A Friend Who Went For Her First "Hollywood" Wax.

    Words: Anonymous TMP Friend

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A Friend Finally Quits The Razor And Goes For Her First “Hollywood”.

A Friend Finally Quits The Razor And Goes For Her First “Hollywood”.

Sooooooo. I recently went to get a full wax. I know there is a proper term for it but I’m not quite sure what it is. I suspect it may require
What Is Beauty To You? Sive Stofile, 34

What Is Beauty To You? Sive Stofile, 34

When I was younger, beauty used to be more about looking “perfect” – clear skin, being a certain weight, keeping up with fashion trends etc. It

Summer can be tricky when it comes to moisturisation because as much as you don’t want dry skin, you also don’t want to feel sticky throughout



 TMP is an intervention igniting a multi-faceted conversation with women of colour about Beauty. It is an informative friend and support structure, through varied cross-platform activities, from interactive workshops and talks, to digital content and personal consultations. We strive at all times to make women feel like they are seen and heard.

The modern woman faces numerous challenges, from separation guilt for working moms, right down to basic – but often challenging – tasks like grooming choices. TMP endeavours to assist and affirm these women, providing them with information and support, allowing them to share a bit more, to be a little more forthright about their needs and challenges, allowing them to not only be more honest with each other but with themselves, in an enabling and uplifting community. Simultaneously, TMP decodes the world of beauty products through conversation and practical application.

Many women feel overwhelmed by the information available about beauty products. They are constantly looking for a short-list of “recommended products” that will solve their challenges, an edit of sorts. Mathahle, the founder, has often been fascinated by the information and misinformation available to women about beauty, brands, products and treatments, often finding herself swept up in impromptu beauty discussions at dinner parties, picnics, kiddie parties, with strangers in restaurants, or random sales staff in shops. All women are interested in this topic, but do not necessarily have access to adequate information that speaks to their specific needs. We strive to be that vehicle.

The Founder: Mathahle Stofile

I am a South African mother and wife who loves women and the magic we bring in the world, especially when we get together. I’ve worked in advertising agencies, magazine advertising sales and as a magazine beauty editor (Marie Claire) before I got restless and began to dream bigger. I now work on producing content for this site, write opinions about the politics of beauty, co-present a web series with my friend Mili (check out some episodes under our “videos” tab), host intimate beauty events (which I hope you’ll soon be attending) and giving talks around beauty trends and how political “black beauty” can be. Oh, and dreaming up more ideas on how to play my part in affirming and validating women of colour in this very big industry of “Beauty.” I also love a good lipstick, a scent that takes you by surprise, long silences, a good long tipsy talk, critical thinkers, a glass of cold bubbly, hot showers and dancing. Things I’m not so crazy about include lazy thinkers, mean people, the Instagram “caterpillar brow”, the colour red (except on my lips) and big noisy crowds. I hope you enjoy our new home and please share with us any feedback you have…except the mean stuff. You can reach us on